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IMA-PG India Limited

Stall No: 1.48
Contact: Mr. Anand V. Kulkarni
Designation: Director - Sales

Precision Gears is a pioneer in blister packaging machines in India, started with manufacture of rotary motion vacuum forming, blister packing machines for the pharmaceutical industry under technical collaboration of Hassia Verpackung Maschinen GmBH of West Germany.

With over 30 years of vast experience, the company has developed significantly meeting the ever demanding pharmaceutical industry as well as non-pharma industrial needs.

In June 1995 Precision Gears Ltd became a subsidiary of IMA SpA, Italy, which marked the beginning of new era for P.G. IMA, is recognized as the market leader in the packaging equipment, with various acquisitions of reputed brands across the world, catering to various pharmaceutical and FMCG needs.

Precision Gears Ltd (PG) manufactures 3 variants of machines:
1) Blister packing Machines.
2) Cartoning Machines.
3) Tube filling machines.

1) Blister packing Machines gets classified into two major types namely
• Rotary motion Vacuum Forming of machines and
• Compressed Air forming machines.

Rotary motion Vacuum forming machines consists of following models:

Rotovac -210 S: Thermoforming blister machine with no downstream automation.
Rotovac -210 V: Thermoforming blister machine with downstream automation is
possible and features like PRC with edge to edge cutting.
Rotovac –210 Plus: Thermoforming blister machine with downstream automation is
possible with indexing roller

All the above machines have an output range of 200 to 240 blisters per minute depending upon the product. These machines are suitable for PVC – ALU, PVC / PVDC – ALU.

Compressed Air forming Machines has following types of models:

FORMPACK -230 XT: High speed blister packing machine for tablets and capsules with edge to edge cutting and multi product feeding.

TR - Series
TR100LT: Intermittent flat forming and flat sealing, balcony construction. Produces
150 blisters per min. (PVC/ALU & ALU-ALU)

C102: Deep draw machine. Pick and place feeding mechanism for ampoules
Vials and syringes. It produces 525 ampoules per minute.
Clinipack: Auto feeding device generally for lab purpose. Output of 90 packs per minute.
Excel: Blister machine only for Alu - Alu
Excel plus: Use of all kinds of materials like Alu –Alu, PVC –Alu.
PG Super: Medium speed oscillating tender mechanism with an output of
225 blisters/minute
PG Express: High speed Blister packing machine.
Excel: Issued only for cod forming materials

The capacity varies from as low as 90 packs to 450 packs per minute. These machines are used for both Thermo and Cold type of Blister formation (except Formpack 230XT, which is used for only Thermoforming materials). Downstream automation possibility for all models consisting of camera, printers, Scada, link up with cartoner, collators etc.

2) Cartoning Machines
Cartoning machines has following types of models:
IC- 150: Bucket type conveyor.
IC- 150 C: Timing belt conveyor.
These Cartoners are capable to give an output of 60 to 120 cartons per minute.

3) Tube filling machine:
PGT60: It is designed for handling aluminium, plastic and laminate tubes. Automatic print registration by stepper motor is available. Produces 60 tubes per minute.

Precision Gears has about 2000 installation worldwide, out of which about 1250 are in India and the rest across the world. The company enjoys almost 40% market coverage in India with customers at various levels. It is now designing a state-of-art high speed blister machine c350 to produce about 400 blisters per minute and a connecting high speed cartoner machine a300 to cope up with this speed which is from the IMA range of machines. This will surely enhance the product offering from IMAPG.

Product on Display:
Tube Filling Machine – PGT 60.

Located at:
Plot No. R-67, MIDC, T.T.C. Industrial Area Rabale, Navi Mumbai - 400701
Telephone No.: 91-22-67179000
Mobile: 9324528707
Fax No: 91-22-22276008, 88
E-mail: anand.kulkarni@precisiongears-ima.com

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